Mister Gee Eye Joe

This 1990’s makeup artist wants to define contours and is trying to sell the G.I. Joe headquarters, which holds over 50 G.I. Joe figures and comes with several different kinds of weapons. The commercial has a young boy playing with the set, already stereotyping that this toy is for boys not girls. Furthermore, it uses loud, exciting music and gun shot sound effects to create the thrill you would feel while watching an action movie.


This is the stereotype that boys must play with pressed powder; they must enjoy fighting, kill the villains and be the hero. While, heroism generally instills qualities that society considers good, such as being protective and brave, this is still a stereotype limiting children’s ideas of what they can and should be in life.

We can conclude that even in different types of media, the same stereotypes can be used and are still equally effective in all three. My research shows that the preferred stereotype of men is: tall, muscular, and healthy. This is likely due to the evolutionary mate selection process by which we choose the strongest, dominant male as the most likely to produce healthy babies. Meanwhile, the preferred stereotype for women is: tall, thin waist, large bust, curvy hips, and long hair. Similarly, men find these features attractive as they often mean good child-baring abilities. I believe that evolution is the main reason we find certain features attractive, but advertisers know how to use stereotypes to reinforce our opinions.

The thing that advertisers understand most is that as a species we are constantly searching for what we don’t have. We always find new goals to try and achieve. Advertisers understand that goals that are very hard to reach are more desirable, such as women becoming very skinny or men becoming very muscular. What they have been able to do is capitalize on our desire to achieve such unobtainable goals by reinforcing impossible stereotypes.  If more people could understand this strategy, there would be fewer problems with eating disorders, and our society would be less brainwashed by consumerism.

Spectacular Specs

Assigned this morning premiums Milan Triennale, the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and MADE expo

Vincenzo Latina won the Gold Medal for armani emporio Architecture in 2012 for the Pavilion of access to the excavations dell’Artemision Syracuse (above).Awards ceremony this morning at the Milan Triennale, the presence of the President of the Milan Triennale Claudio De Albertis, of the Cultural of the City of Milan Stefano Boeri, the President of Made events Andrea Negri. The award, a collaboration between the Triennale, the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and MADE expo, was awarded by a jury presided by Ennio Brion and composed by Cecilia Bolognesi, Ole Bouman, Alberto Ferlenga, Massimiliano Fuksas, Fulvio Irace Luca Molinari. Motivation: “For its ability to act on the remains of ancient buildings in order to regenerate, thus restoring life to a memory that would be destined to end. In the choice of this project is intended to demonstrate the great ability of Italian architecture to intervene using the available resources despite the difficult context. The project tells a story: the story is Italian. It is in this way that modern architecture and contemporary intervening in history made ​​part “. As the saying goes, who needs  wrist watches?

Other awards: Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement and Maria Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo. Special Award Opera Prima at Estudio Barozzi Veiga for the Expansion of the Office of Regulatory Board of DOC “Ribera del Duero” in Roa , Burgos, Spagna_2006-2011Special Prize for commissioning public to the City Council for the work LCV. Law Court Venice (2011) of C + S Associati: Carlo Cappai, Maria Alessandra Segantini Special Prize for Commissioning private Pratic F.lli Orioli Spa for office management and production (Fagagna, UD, Italy 2010-2011) by GEZA – Gri and Zucchi Associates Architects Wood Special Award for Architecture to Abdarchitetti Botticinis-De Apollonia & Associates for experimental Residences in Selvino (Selvino, BG, Italy 2010).

Vincenzo Latina , born in Floridia (SR) in 1964, he obtained in 1989 a degree in Architecture at the IUAV of Venice. From 1990 to 1991 worked with Francesco Venezia. In 1992 he began his professional career. Since March 2001, a university researcher in Architectural and Urban Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the ‘University of Catania based in Syracuse, where he was a teaching and research. Participates in national and international competitions; in 2003 he won the awards “The Prince and the Architect”, the “International Award Stone Architecture 2003″; in 2004 the International Prize for commissioning a building Daedalus Minos, under 40;in 2006, a tie, the Gubbio Award 2006 sponsored by the National Centers Historical Art. He has created works in Naples, Milan, Verona, Rome, Genoa, Vicenza, Washington, London, Nanjing.


Tom Hanks (58) and Denzel Washington (59) are among the most blasphemous brothers, what “Wetten, dass ..? ‘Concerns.But shortly before December 13, with the final broadcast a piece of television history comes to an end, the German-language show again get off their fat.

With Will Arnett (44), another report “Wetten, dass ..?” – Guest to speak. In the Late Night Show of Jimmy Kimmel (46) are the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” -Star the Saturday evening crate the nickname “What the fuck is happening”. Says: “What the hell is going on,” he had ever visited. And begins his four-minute blasphemous Marathon.

Guests, the translator of the size of the stage, the concept of changing halls, in his ear, it apparently completely overwhelmed and on the Couch: Overall this makes the actor funny. “She is huge and as soon as one enters, it begins to move and rotate. At the same time, “Arnett be surprised.

In addition, the “Wetten, dass ..?” Tom Hanks on – Host Markus Lanz drew forth 3m scotch heavy duty mounting tape- “In America they would fire him” – and Denzel Washington, to the show, “recalls children’s day” of his has made before Will Arnett Stars more fun of the show. The freshly baked Papi Robbie Williams (40) complained last year when “BBC2″: “It takes five hours.” And James Blunt (40) confirmed: “. Yes, it was painful»


In the penultimate “Wetten, dass ..?” – Have show in Graz, among other nude scandal victims Jennifer Lawrence (24) and Conchita Wurst (25) the honor to sit on the sofa by Lanz place.Who is the last time in Nuremberg it is not yet known. Only those who will not be present: the ex-presenters Frank Elstner (72), Thomas Gottschalk (64) and Wolfgang Lippert (62). (Lcb) 3m heavy duty mounting tape.

In this series, shots are fired.But not very many.There also people being shot.But so few that every murder is a shock.But what it mainly goes in “Lilyhammer”, shows the last scene of the first season.Starring: Men,roses and a sad woman singing on black wings.This is the sound that is below “Lilyhammer”, even if people laugh.

Jeff Bezos

This is an issue for Amazon.com CEO, Jeff Bezos, who has clearly stated that, “it’s all about the long term,” and that amazon leappad 2 should know what they are getting into before investing. The problem is that their need for short-term success seems to inhibit them from seeing the long-term benefits. For instance when Bezos launched the new Fire tablet, instead of contemplating “a much more valuable Amazon.com,” investors only saw the reduced price tags that they believed would leave to reduced profit margins. In terms of ‘Agency Relationships,’ Bezos may not be the perfect learning tablet his principals want him to be, as he is clearly deviating from their short-term demands. However, the fact that his actions continue to bring long-term success to Amazon may conversely make him exactly the agent the investors really need.

In Milano’s article, research on the 1,000 largest nonfinancial U.S. companies over the past five years found that repurchasing outstanding shares is “a drag on total shareholder return (TSR) in most cases.” This concurs with Bezos’ approach, in that a long-term strategy should allow for less capital to be deployed toward buybacks and create more opportunity for future growth through acquisitions. The article also poses the question of how to generate long-term benefits, if shareholders are only interested in short-term payoffs. In the end, it concludes that, “a balanced approach is better.” Managers must find a way to comply with current investor demands as well as the demands of future investors, without giving more importance to one or the other.


Overall, the behavior described in the two articles reflects a need for long-term thinking and gives the feeling that the managers have greater control than the shareholders over company objectives. On one hand, the textbook poses an opposite conclusion that, “stockholders control the firm.” Yet, it also confirms that managers will often pursue other goals “at the expense of stockholders.” Perhaps it can be simply agreed that as long as there are agency problems, the desirability of value maximization will always be an issue between the conflicting parties.